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Climate Edge

climayte edge.jpg

Founders: Paul Baranowski & James Alden

Sector: Digital platform

HQ: Kent, UK

About: Climate Edge is a communications and data platform that enables businesses to provide smallholder farm-ers in developing countries with a wide range of tools and support, not currently available to them.

Why we love it: Smallholdings are massively less efficient than farms that benefit from advanced farming methods, high quality seeds, fertilizers and irrigation. The Climate Edge SMS service links farmers with a wide range of suppliers that are currently unknown to them. These can provide critical tools and support including access to better seeds, fertiliser and pesticides, advice on best practices and other services such as finance and insurance. More than 200,000 farmers in Kenya and Tanzania use the platform and over 1100 companies and organisations, ranging from Unilever to SMEs, and NGOs and charities, have joined it. 

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