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Green Bioactives

green bioactives_edited.jpg

Team: David McElory & Gary Loake

Sector: AgTech/ Pharmaceuticals: Plant biomanufacturing Platform

HQ: Edinburgh, UK

About: Green Bioactives is a plant cell biomanufacturing platform. Plants are nature's chemists, capable of producing a vast array of natural biomolecules that are core ingredients in many cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural products. Green Bioactives technology enables these plant molecules to be produced at scale. 

Why we love it:  

Green Bioactives are reducing the harvesting of rare plants and using less land, water, chemicals and energy than the current method of extracting plant molecules. 

In crop protection, plant-derived natural product biopesticides are expensive and used only on the highest-value crops. Green Bioactives biomanufacturing process will enable cheaper production of bio fertilisers and biopesticides, allowing farmers to transition to inputs that aren’t degrading the soil.

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