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Muddy Machines

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Founders: Florian Richter & Chris Chavasse

Sector: Robotics

HQ: Hayes, London

About: Muddy Machines has developed an autonomous robot that enables growers to grow more , produce locally and ensure that the food we eat is fresher and more sustainable. This new category of field robots helps growers manage their labour-intensive crops by solving the problem of labour shortages. 

Why we love it: The founders have very strong technical ability and the capability to drive innovation from reviewing gaps in the market and adapting to the changing challenges of the food supply chain. The technology of Muddy Machines allows precision harvesting of crops like asparagus, for 16 hours a day, with no need for breaks, and no decline in performance. It is a cheaper and more efficient way of harvesting, especially when there is such a narrow time frame for most crops.  

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