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Agreed Earth: Investing in the transition to more sustainable farming.

Regenerate Ventures has invested in, Agreed Earth, one of the most exciting data-driven start-ups in the regenerative AgTech space. Agreed Earth helps farmers obtain transition financing from banks in their move to more regenerative farming practices. This will have a major impact on reducing the use of nitrogen-based fertilisers and the cost of food production.

How are they doing this?

Agreed Earth’s platform helps farmers reduce their nitrogen dependency by addressing both finance and information barriers. The data is sourced and collected through a combination of tractor and satellite data and will help to cut down the amount of Nitrogen being sprayed on our soils.

Who are Agreed Earth?

Founded in 2021 by Kelly Price, Sarah Power and Reed Walker. Kelly’s background as a biologist, Sarah’s farming and consultancy experience mixed in with Reed’s Ex-Nasa credentials has allowed each of their skillsets in strategy, network and data science to come together to form Agreed Earth.

Why do we love them?

Agreed Earth is run by an impressive and credible team and Kelly and Sarah are a huge asset to the women in AgTech community. The teams pioneering and dedication to building a solution that generates powerful field level data will make change in the agricultural sector and pave the way for future AgriFinTech companies.

The team have come up with a product that has the capability of making a genuine difference in tackling the major issue of emissions in the agricultural sector and achieving the global goal of Net Zero. After all, 2% of global energy is spent manufacturing nitrogen-based fertiliser from methane.

For more information about Agreed Earth, click here.

For further information about Regenerate Ventures, click here.

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