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Hardman review for Regenerate Ventures

Updated: Mar 6

We are pleased to announce that the Hardman Review for Regenerate Ventures is now ready. Please click Here to access the report.

Highlights of the report:

  • "Uniqueness it a term used a lot in the EIS industry, but Regenerate has created a fund that is genuinely different. No other EIS fund focuses on early-stage agtech; indeed, Regenerate is unaware of another venture fund in Europe with that focus. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to believe that agtech is a promising area for investment. Not least of these are the environmental benefits, and the investments should satisfy impact investors."

  • "For such a new investor, Regenerate appears to have generated very strong deal flow. Some of this appears to be via other funds looking for a knowledgeable lead, which further validates Regenerate’s expertise."

  • "Regenerate has co-invested in several deals, it has usually led, even though it may not have been the larg

est investor. This is a good indication that other investors see Regenerate as a knowledgeable investor in this area and are willing to rely, to some extent, on its expertise."

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