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Regenerate Ventures leads £1.5m round in to Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines is an autonomous robot company that automates crop harvesting, which is meeting a vital market need.

Why we invested in Muddy Machines

A shortage of agricultural workers is creating a crisis for farmers. It is estimated that the UK needs 70,000 seasonal workers to pick seasonal crops but we currently only have 20,000! Without these workers, crops are being left to rot, pushing prices higher.

The founders have very strong technical ability and the capability to drive innovation from reviewing gaps in the market and adapting to the changing challenges of the food supply chain.

The technological solution from Muddy Machines is impressive, both for the speed of its development and its efficiency. They created a proof of concept in a market that needs autonomous robots. As a result it is already being used commercially by the leading asparagus growers in the UK, and with a view to being applicable to a range of different crops, such as Tenderstem broccoli and courgettes. They are particularly targeting those crops that are most affected by labour shortages since Brexit.

Like all our investments it is a company that is meeting a real market need, and has a highly scalable solution giving it global potential.

Why we love Muddy Machines

The technology of Muddy Machines allows precision harvesting of crops like asparagus, for 16 hours a day, with no need for breaks, and no decline in performance. It is a cheaper and more efficient way of harvesting, especially when there is such a narrow time frame for most crops.

To read more about Muddy Machines click here.

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