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MICAP fund review for Regenerate Ventures

Updated: Mar 6

We are pleased to announce that our MICAP review is ready. To access the report please click HERE.

If you have any further questions about the fund's offering or the portfolio then please get in touch with us at .

Highlights from the review:

  • "The Fund sources its deal flow from accelerators, incubators, inbound marketing, social media as well as its advisory board which has over c.150-200 years of experience in agricultural investing, research institutes and network. Regenerate Ventures advises the Fund is the only fund focused purely on early-stage AgTech Venture Capital in the UK and so AgTech companies apply to Regenerate Ventures directly."

  • "Regenerate Ventures notes that the Fund’s Advisory Board of professional investors significantly contributes to deal sourcing and reviewing potential investee companies – which is encouraging as it provides additional expertise in the AgTech sector."

  • "Although Regenerate Ventures only launched in January 2022, it is starting to carve itself out as ‘one to watch’ in the EIS market as a fund that is offering sustainable and impact investment opportunities within the UK and has won the best 'New Comer of the Year' award at the 2022 EIS Association awards."

  • "The current pipeline of the Fund is made up of over 100 companies sourced through Regenerate Ventures’ investment team’s network and advisory board. It suggests that immediate deal flow should not be an issue, with six investee companies already being approved with a total deal size of a combined £9.75 million that the Fund intends to take a portion of, subject to legal agreements being agreed."

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