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Regenerate Ventures co-leads the £1.4m seed round into SugaROx

Regenerate Ventures has co-led the investment in SugaROx's £1.4m seed round. SugaROx is a spin-out from Oxford University and Rothamsted Research, and it's one of the most exciting bio-stimulants on the market, increasing wheat yield by up to 22%.

SugaROx has raised £850k from Regenerate Ventures (RV) and the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) to allow investment in the scale up and registration of a cutting-edge biostimulant platform originally developed by Rothamsted Research and Oxford University. RV and UKI2S have been the stimulus in SugaROx raising £1.4M in its Seed Round.

Field trials conducted over several years show that SugaROx’s unique single molecule trehalose-6-phosphate (T6P) biostimulant platform can boost wheat yields between 12-22%. Remarkable results have also been obtained under controlled conditions for barley, millet, and sorghum

“The investment will allow us to accelerate field testing, prepare to launch registration in major markets and obtain proof-of-concept on additional crops”, says SugaROx CEO Mark Robbins. “We are delighted to have attracted investment from UKI2S and RV. Together, they bring a track record supporting science-based ventures and invaluable expertise on agrochemicals”.

“We are excited to be joining SugaROx on their journey as we have a strong conviction in both the team and the technology”, says Paul Rous, Managing Director at RV. “A combination of strong market growth, a unique value proposition, supportive regulations and potential for high returns makes investment in biostimulants an attractive opportunity for our investors.”

Andrew Muir, Investment Director at UKI2S, believes SugaROx is a great exemplar for the fund’s thesis. “High quality, collaborative science which addresses a real global challenge and a significant market make for an excellent investment opportunity. SugaROx also has the potential to accelerate the transition to low carbon economies through reduced fertiliser inputs.”

The investment gives SugaROx a great head start - and other exciting developments are also in the pipeline. For updates, follow them here.

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