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Team: Mark Robbins & Dr Cara Griffiths

Sector: AgTech/ Biostimulant

HQ: Rothamsted, UK

About: SugaROx is a spin-out from Oxford University and Rothamsted Research and it's one of the most exciting bio-stimulants coming on to the market and can increase wheat yield by up to 22%.SugaROx's patented technology is based on the natural plant molecule T6P (common to most if not all plants) which directs the plant’s energy towards increased yield. 

Why we love it:  

SugaROx has a robust team and technology. A combination of strong market growth, a unique value proposition, supportive regulations, research and development opportunities and with the bio-stimulant booming there is the potential for high returns.

SugaROx's technology will be a huge contributor to the decarbonisation of the agricultural sector and sustainable food production. It will allow farmers to not only increase their yields but also offer them a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fertiliser.

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